About PCM

Load Cells, Standard or Custom

Operating with a UKAS accredited ISO 9001 system, PCM has an experienced design team that can suggest and provide load cells and instrumentation. To view our current ISO 9001:2015 certificate, please click here.

If a standard design does not fit your requirements, we will design a custom load cell to fulfil your application. Quantity is not an issue, whether it is a one or multiple off.

We have a unique ability to respond quickly to bespoke projects. We listen to our customers and supply drawings and specifications which require customer authorisation prior to manufacture. This ensures that you know what you are getting.

If the impossible has been requested using load cell technology, PCM will advise the customer so that they are fully aware of the limitations and together can agree a solution or compromise on the specification.

The load cells PCM manufactures are strain gauge based using the Wheatstone bridge principle, converting an applied force (mechanical movement) into a linear electrical signal. To find out more about load cells click here.

Inspection, Repair, Calibration & Hire

PCM offer these services so that potentially expensive load cells/systems do not have to be disposed of unnecessarily. We will carry out an investigation of the parts and supply a quotation for the repair. For more information click here.

Our calibration facilities include a number of test machines that are independently verified every 12 months by a UKAS qualified engineer and test certificates issued. This allows PCM to offer a traceable in house calibration service. For more information click here.

If your application is a one off test, or are unable to justify purchasing a load cell or system, PCM have a selection of load cells and instrumentation that are available for hire. For more information click here.

Strain Gauge Bonding Service

We work closely with our customers to provide a flexible service that meets their requirements, whether for a single strain gauge installation or volume, in house or on-site.

Often, our customers complete their own Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to provide enough data on where the strain gauges are to be located. With this data, PCM suggests the correct/most ideal strain gauge locations and type of installation.

As an independent company, PCM is able to choose the most ideal strain gauge, adhesive, coating, cable, etc for any particular application. Alternatively, of course if the customer has a preference over what consumables/brands are used, then we will accommodate their request.

To compliment our service we can hire a number of indicators and data loggers to capture the strain gauge data during test.

All installations are supplied with documentation which details the consumables units, the finished installation readings and strain gauge data.

PCM do not carry out test data analysis.

So, Why PCM ?

To conclude, among the many advantages of choosing PCM to handle your load cell or strain gauging project, are:

  • Our experience in a wide range of industries.
  • In house design capabilities to provide bespoke solutions.
  • UKAS traceable in house testing and calibration facilities.
  • Our ability to install all types of strain gauges for short, medium and long term tests.
  • We are equipped for on-site work. Our equipment is calibrated and PATS tested.
  • Processes and training covered under ISO 9001:2015. PCM do NOT subcontract strain gauging to third parties. This ensures installation integrity, quality, traceability and delivery.
  • Instrumentation and load cell hire service.
  • We are an independent company, so we can select the most suitable parts for every project to ensure the best quality data.
  • Our workmanship comes with recommendations from organisations large and small as a result of clear communications and delivering the service and quality that customers expect, on time and within budget.