Load Cell – Indicators

The instrument will power the load cell. The mV/V signal coming back from the load cell is converted by the indicator and displays the force in a unit (e.g.: KG, kN, lb – customers choice). The indicators within this range are encased so that the operator can either use it on the move (if battery powered) or be a permanent fixture, e.g.: wall mounted.

The load cell and instrument will require calibrating together for the system to work correctly. This is done by applying a known force to the load cell and the instrument’s gain being set.

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PSD Handheld Display

PSD Handheld Display

  • 7 digit LCD display.
  • Dual range facility.
  • IP65 sealing.
Load Cell Fast Input Digitiser Module

DSCUSB Load Cell Digitiser Module

  • PC connection via USB.
  • Free DSCUSB Toolkit software.
  • ASCII protocol.

FSU-SSBD Load Cell Fast Input Digitiser Module

  • PC connection via USB.
  • Free FSU Toolkit software.
  • 4800 readings per second.

Apex Junior Weighing Indicator/Controller

  • 6 digit LCD or LED display.
  • Powers up to 8 load cells.
  • IP65 sealing.

Excelsior Weighing Indicator/Controller

  • 6 digit LED display and 2x 20 digit backlit LCD displays.
  • Powers up to 16 load cells.
  • IP65 sealing.

INT4-L Intuitive Panel Meter

  • 11 point linearization facility.
  • Suitable for use with 4 and 6 wire load cells.
  • Analogue outputs 4-20mA, 0-10V, -10/+10V.

ER2P/ER4P Easy Reader Large Process Display

  • Easy to use 4 digit display with selectable decimal point position.
  • Display size, 57mm to 102mm.
  • IP54/IP65 sealing.

Fusion Large Display

  • Digit size ranges from 57mm to 400mm.
  • Clear numeric readout of the variable being monitored.
  • Smart styling, slim and easy to install.