Wireless Instrumentation

Wireless communication comes in many forms. PCM can offer solutions using:

  1. Radio Telemetry: A transmission of data from a remote source via a radio to a receiving station for recording and analysis.
  2. Inductance: A contactless method of supplying power to (in this case) a strain gauge bridge. The signal is then transmitted back to the electronics.

Each method has its merits and is a proven and reliable form of communication.

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T24 Wireless Radio Telemetry

  • Exceptional performance in the harshest of conditions.
  • High measurement, low noise electronics.
  • Intuitive software which calibrates to sensors in under three minutes.

Dx Advanced Digital Telemetry System

  • Up to 6 analogue inputs per sender unit (SCT).
  • Aggregate sampling rate up to 4.8kHz (16 bit).
  • Synchronous data collection and processing of up to 4 sender units (SCTs).