Our Hire, Calibration & Repair Services

This article was published on 30th March, 2013

We’re a versatile team here at PCM and with our vast experience in the industry we’re not just able to provide you with new load cell/strain gauging solutions. If your application is a one-off test, or you are unable to justify purchasing a new load cell or system, we have a large selection of load cells ranging up to 500Te(!!) and instrumentation that are available for hire at very competitive rates. Discuss your application with one of our engineers and we can propose a system ideally suited to your requirements. Not only that, we provide a calibration that’s traceable to National Standards with every hire which ensures the results of your test are accurate, every time. See more on our hire services here.

It’s good practice when you have a load cell system or a set of load cells, to have them calibrated annually to ensure that they are performing to specification. We have a very experienced team in our calibration workshop and we’re able to work on the majority of load cells regardless of their manufacturer, catering for cells ranging from small to very large capacities. All of our test machines are independently calibrated by a UKAS laboratory using verification equipment calibrated to BS EN ISO 376:2004, every 12 months. The PCM calibration experience is bespoke to your equipment/application needs, we’re able to calibrate in tension, compression or torsion in the desired units of calibration over the number of linearity points required and also supply a shunt calibration resistor if necessary. See more on our calibration services here.

At PCM we understand that in today’s times budgets are growing increasingly tighter and that every penny counts so if your load cell system isn’t working properly or even at all, we offer an investigation and repair service for damaged or suspect working load cells. Similar to our calibration service, we’re able to work on the majority of load cells regardless of their manufacturer or capacity thanks to our knowledge base built up over 30 years in the industry. These services can eliminate the need to purchase new, replacement load cells and so making considerable savings. Each load cell is fully tested and investigated to diagnose the problem and a list of the faults will be presented to the customer along with our recommended actions from our friendly Sales team. Ever customer focussed, we will always propose the most cost effective solution for you. See more on our investigation and repair services here.