Apex Junior Weighing Indicator/Controller

MODEL: Apex Junior
  • 6 digit LCD or LED display.
  • Powers up to 8 load cells.
  • IP65 sealing.

The Apex Junior is a simple cased weighing indicator/controller featuring a stainless steel, splash proof sealed enclosure complete with mounting brackets suitable for heavy industrial use. Standard capabilities include full range zero, preset tare, tare/tare recall, weigh count, peak, freeze and silo modes as standard – if you’d like the Apex Junior to operate a specific task, special software writes are available upon request.

The Apex Junior is supplied as standard with an 18mm x 6 LCD display with optional LED display available too if preferred and it’s capable of handling up to 8x 300Ω load cells. It also incorporates a 24bit A-D, simple calibration routine and menu selections.

This display has power options to suit all applications; the Apex Junior can be supplied with an internal 110-250VAC SMPS, an internal 1000mAh NiMh battery pack and charger or to require a basic DC input from either a battery or adaptor.

Each unit is hand built in the UK and tested to a very high standard. All spare parts are UK sourced and available from immediate stock.

Additional factory fitted options available include RS232C communications for interfaces to printers or computers, 16 bit 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, or 0-10VDC analogue output for data logging, 2 x opto-isolated I/O ports, time and date, 8k x 8 FRAM memory expansion capability and a second weighing input.

For more detailed product specifications, please download the product datasheet or product manual.