DCell Digital Load Cell Converter

  • Low profile with 20mm Ø.
  • RS485 or CAN output.
  • Programmable dynamic filter.
  • Ultra high performance.
Datasheet: DCell Datasheet
Software Download: DSC/DCell Toolkit

The DCell amplifier is a very high performance embedded digital load cell converter supplied in a miniature format designed specifically to be incorporated directly into strain gauge sensors such as load cells, pressure transducers and torque sensors.

The DCell converts a mV/V signal into a digital output. The DCell offers high speed and high precision digitising capabilities, along with linearization and temperature compensation.

The DCell output format options include RS485, ASCII, Modbus or MantraCAN (J1939). All are 4-wire bus and power formats offering connection of up to 32 sensors on just 4 wires.

Additional features of the DCell include:

  • Remote shunt calibration.
  • Temperature compensation.
  • Peak and trough recording.
  • Long cable lengths up to 1000m.

Try the Evaluation Kit which includes one free DCell or DSC card to trial this amplifier in your application. For more information and a full specification, please download the product datasheet.

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