DSCUSB-FSU Load Cell Fast Input Digitiser Module

  • Quick and easy PC connection via USB.
  • Free FSU Toolkit software.
  • 4800 readings per second.
Software Download: DSCUSB-FSU Toolkit
Load Cell Fast Input Digitiser Module

The DSCUSB-FSU is a fast input load cell digitiser module delivering high resolution readings via USB, communicated directly to a PC. Delivering high speed measurements of 4800 samples per second at 13 bits noise free resolution, the DSCUSB-FSU is designed with dynamic applications in mind when high speed measurement is required.

Data can be measure from a sensor for a wide range of high speed applications simply by plugging the USB strain device into a PC. This is achieved using the powerful FSU Toolkit software, developed to provide optimised, fast viewing of data. The software can be downloaded from our website.

The FSU-Toolkit software allows the viewing of input status and module information, switching between engineering units as well as two part calibration, high speed navigation and FFT frequency component analysis. Data can be exported to a CSV file.

This module is fitted with a 9-way ‘D’ type socket for connection to a load cell and a micro USB socket allowing connection to a PC. The DSCUSB-FSU does not require external power. An optional DIN rail mounting fitting is also available.

For lower speed applications, the standard DSCUSB module, which can log up to 100 samples per second, would be a suitable solution.

For more detailed product information, please download the product datasheet.


If you’re not sure whether the DSCUSB-FSU is the best instrument for your project, contact us to discuss your requirement in more detail with one of our experienced team members.