DSCUSB Load Cell Digitiser Module

  • PC connection via USB.
  • Free DSCUSB Toolkit software.
  • ASCII protocol.
Software Download: DSCUSB Toolkit
Load Cell Fast Input Digitiser Module

The DSCUSB strain gauge to USB converter is a compact, high performance strain gauge digital signal conditioner with USB connectivity aimed at applications which require high-accuracy measurement repeatability. Ideal for all strain gauge bridge based sensors including load, weight, force, torque, pressure and displacement, the device simply plugs into your PC where data can be acquired and manipulated by accompanying software.

A rugged ABS IP50 enclosure makes the DSCUSB suitable for all environments. Simply by plugging the DSCUSB into a PC, data can be extracted from most strain gauge bridge input sensors and acquired by software which allows data manipulation removing the need for amplifiers, filters and multimeters. No additional power supply is required as the power is drawn from the USB bus.

Although ideal for 1 to 1 interface, the DSCUSB, can connect with multiple sensors with the use of a suitable hub. Also available in ASCII protocol, offering higher resolution and lower temperature drift. The DSCUSB will communicate as a simple serial device rather than a ‘native’ USB device. Once the device is plugged into a PC and the supplied drivers are installed, the device will appear as a Virtual Serial Port to the PC.

Typical applications for the DSCUSB digitiser module will be those requiring simple sensor connectivity in desktop settings such as test and measurement, R&D and laboratory environments.

An optional temperature sensor module (DTEMP) is available which will enable an advanced 5-point temperature compensation of measurements. The USB load cell signal converter is also available as OEM PCB modules.

For more detailed product information, please download the product datasheet.