Dx Advanced Digital Telemetry System

  • Up to 6 analogue inputs per sender unit (SCT).
  • Aggregate sampling rate up to 4.8kHz (16 bit).
  • Synchronous data collection and processing of up to 4 sender units (SCTs).

Dx is the new digital telemetry system with one toolkit for many applications. For wireless transmission of measurement data from rotating devices to a stationary data processing unit, a suitable telemetry system is needed. This consists of two modules: the signal conditioning transmitter (SCT) and the receiver control interface (RCI). In the SCT, analogue sensor signals are digitized and radio-transmitted to the RCI, where they can be accessed as analogue output or as digital CAN messages.

Due to economic pressure, short setup times and easy handling are essential for efficient measuring. The Dx with its remarkably low energy consumption, its numerical display of measurement data in physical units, its digital remote control of measurement ranges and auto-zero offers convenient measuring as required in modern test engineering.

The Dx connection panel has been especially developed for convenient testing, the SCTs can be tested and programmed very quickly – without soldering! Experience with a number of practical applications has shown that the Dx telemetry system allows a very quick installation. One reason for this is the integrated SCT antenna, another reason is the flexible and simple mounting of the optional receiver antennas.
Due to customer-oriented programming and configuration, measurement data is available right after power-on. By aid of the online display and the status bars for power supply and transmission quality, it is possible to check the system for functionality irrespective of data acquisition. Due to webserver technology for the configuration, installation of a special configuration software is unnecessary. Users can immediately operate the system!

For more detailed product specifications and for a complete list of accessories available, please download the product datasheet.

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