Excelsior Weighing Indicator/Controller

MODEL: Excelsior
  • 6 digit LED display and 2x 20 digit backlit LCD displays.
  • Powers up to 16 load cells.
  • IP65 sealing.

The Excelsior cased weighing indicator/controller is housed in a high grade stainless steel enclosure, complete with mounting brackets and offers 6 x 25.4mm high intensity LED indication and a 2x 20 backlit alphanumeric LCD displays. The combination of these displays allow operator prompts and alphanumeric data to be indicated. The front panel also includes indication of zero, tare, stable and running modes plus allows full alphanumeric text input via the keyboard.

The Excelsior can individually specify up to 16 opto-isolated input and output ports, 2 x RS232C serial ports, 16bit 4-20mA output, battery backed time and date, 2 available I2C 8K x 8 FRAM memory plugins, radio telemetry, USB storage and up to 8 weighing channels.

The Excelsior is ideal for batching, recipe storage and formulation, computer links, printout with auditing and a 2 scale sample and bulk weigh count plus many applications thanks to the terminals fully programmable software. Each unit is hand built in the UK and tested to a very high standard. All spare parts are UK sourced and readily available.

The standard model of the Excelsior includes the LCD display indicating capacity and tare values, keyboard supporting zero, preset tare and tare/tare recall with full alphanumeric keyboard. AC or DC power supplies are available.

Also available is the Excelsior Weighstation. This unit employs a 4 x 20line large character alphanumeric display and 24bit 4 channel A-D conversion to indicate, individually or collectively, each of the 4 weigh structures on one display. You can disable any channel via the keyboard and show any channel in any order you require. A full printout is available plus the ability to enter, again via the keyboard, full alphanumeric text for print headers. This indicator is perfect for multi-pad vehicle weighing or multi-silo monitoring. The full range of options are still available.

For the full product specification please download the product datasheet or product manual.