In-House Strain Gauge Installation Service

  • Air abrade equipment for surface preparation.
  • Fully equipped temperature controlled bonding room with laminar flow benches and microscopes for accurate positioning of the strain gauges.
  • Computer controlled ovens for accurate curing of adhesives.
  • Environmental chambers ranging from -20°C to +500°C for testing and temperature compensation.
  • Cover virtually all industries: automotive, aerospace, R&D, power generation,mining, marine, motor sport.
  • Static/Vibration.
  • Cryogenic/High Temperature.
  • Plastics/Composites.

With our years of experience of installing strain gauges in our laboratory, you have the peace of mind that the project is handled by the experts.

Our laboratory is designed to concentrate on efficiency with specialist equipment.

We have installation experience ranging from temperatures of -269°C to 1000°C, static, dynamic measurements, platinum tungsten, etc.

PCM undertake small one off projects through to multiple complex projects.

With the continuous installation experience in all industries, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver on time whilst working within our quality procedures.

PCM are an independent company that can select the most suitable products like strain gauges, coatings, wire, etc, for the project. This ensures that the final installation will have an unbiased selection of parts to produce the best result.

Much of our work is commercially confidential and we take care to ensure that we protect our customer’s trust by guaranteeing project confidentiality.