J1 Single Channel Advanced Inductance Telemetry

  • Contactless measurement from rotating machinery.
  • Stable and reliable measurement of torque, strain, temperature, voltage and pressure.
  • Highest possible signal integrity.

With maximum reliability, long-term stability and the lowest time investment: the J1 Shaft Telemetry System. Wireless transmission of sensor data from rotating objects is now generally accepted by mechanical applications as a standard method for measurement applications in reasearch, testing and vehicle development. For such tasks, the single-channel telemetry J1 system, with its revolutionary Intelligent Power Transmission (IPT) offers even more reason to use this technique.

The J1 system has the highest possible signal integrity, easy to install and reliable in operation. Power transmission is now substantially improved giving a longer range (70mm) than previously possible.

The flexible ring of the stator type JX-SR-70 can be individually adapted to accommodate very large deflections of a shaft or axle up to 700mm and supply uninterrupted power to the rotor electronics.

With small and lightweight rotor electronics acquiring the measurement data and wirelessly transmitting to the stator antenna. Remote shunt calibration for strain-based applications is also supported.

For more detailed product specifications and for a complete list of accessories available, please download the product datasheet.

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