Load Cell – Hire

If your application is a one-off test, or you are unable to justify purchasing a new load cell or system, PCM has a selection of load cells (ranging up to 500t) and instrumentation that are available for hire.

As customer requirements vary, our load cells and instruments are not permanently paired and as such we can cater for most projects. With this in mind, a calibration traceable to National Standards is performed before every hire which ensures the results of your test are accurate, every time.

For your convenience, the system can be set up and calibrated in the units of your choice (i.e. KG, kN, t, or lbs etc). Our standard calibration is performed over five incremental points and repeated three times to demonstrate the repeatability of the system. Calibration certificates are supplied with the hire equipment. The certificate also contains our test rig and calibration instrument reference numbers for traceability purposes.

Contact us to discuss your application with one of our engineers and we can propose a system ideally suited to your requirements.