Load Cell – Repair

PCM offer a repair and calibration service for damaged or suspect working load cells. Similar to our calibration service, we’re able to work on the majority of load cells regardless of their manufacturer or capacity thanks to our knowledge base built up over 30 years in the industry.

Our repair service could eliminate the need to purchase new, replacement load cells and so making considerable savings. Each load cell is fully tested and investigated to diagnose the problem and a list of the faults will be presented along with our recommendations. We will always propose the most cost effective solution for you.

A repair is subject to available parts and only available if the product has not been subjected to excessive physical overload or electrical damage (to the instrumentation). The load cell is tested and load tested to ensure optimum performance before its return.

If you’d like to discuss your equipment with one of our engineers to work through the problem and troubleshoot it over the phone, or if you’d like to double check that we can help with a particular piece of equipment, please do get in touch. With some load cells/instruments, it may be easiest to send us some photos in an email along with a quick description of the fault you’re experiencing and we can respond to you with the best course of action, whether to send it in to PCM for a full investigation or some other remedial course.