On-Site Installation Service

  • Cover virtually all industries: automotive, aerospace, R&D, power generation, marine.
  • Static / Vibration.
  • Cryogenic / High Temperature.
  • Plastics / Composites.

When it is not practical to send items for strain gauging such as vehicles, bridges, boats, aeroplanes, buildings, etc., PCM will attend site to carry out the installation.

With years of attending sites in all environments, our engineers have the necessary experience to carry out installations safely and professionally with our customers.

The advantages of using PCM:

  • Experience in different fields of industry.
  • Ability to install all types of installations that are suitable for the project, ie: short, medium and long term tests
  • Fully kitted out for on-site work. The equipment is fully calibrated and safety/PATS tested on completion of a project.
  • Installation process and training covered under ISO9001 accreditation.
  • Instrumentation hire for both static and dynamic testing – see data logging PDF.
  • Set up for a quick response service for the most urgent projects.
  • Independent company that can select the most suited parts for the project to provide the best quality data.

PCM’s workmanship comes with recommendation from the smallest to the largest organisations due to clear communications and delivering the service and quality within budget which the customer requires.

PCM is an independent company with the freedom to select the most suitable products for the project like strain gauges, coatings, wire, etc. This ensures that the final installation will have an unbiased selection of parts to produce the best result.

Much of our work is commercially confidential and we take care to ensure that we protect our customer’s trust by guaranteeing project confidentiality.

By providing clear details of the project, environment, accuracy, expectations, Procter & Chester will provide the ideal solution and final product.