PSD Handheld Display

  • 7 digit LCD display.
  • Dual range facility.
  • IP65 sealing.
Manual: PSD Manual
PSD Handheld Display

The PSD display is a popular portable strain gauge/load cell indicator, packaged in a small, robust IP65/NEMA 4 enclosure. These displays are so user friendly that PCM also has several PSD indicators available from our hire stock too.

The PSD offers two separate ranges, which enable the instrument to read and display two units of measure. For simplified use, the operator only has access to six keys. The menu options offer the ability to tailor the instruments response to the application with gross, net, peak and trough measurements easily selected. An annunciator indicates which range has been selected. There is also a window, to insert a legend, describing each range. Once these parameters are set, it provides the user with the simplest of indicators.

The PSD display is also TEDS enabled for automatic sensor calibration. The display is powered by two AA batteries providing long life using innovative power saving features. This display is intended for use as a load cell indicator, strain gauge indicator, force display, weight indicator, weight monitor or load indicator able to drive up to 4 x strain gauge bridges.

The PSD display with the optional RS232 interface enables the connection to many devices whether a PC or simple data logger. The PSD232 is fitted with an 8-pin connector allowing users to connect the appropriate cabling for their application.

For a detailed product specification, please download the product datasheet.