Data Logging Equipment

  • Covers virtually all industries: automotive, aerospace, R&D, power generation, marine
  • Static/Vibration
  • Cryogenic/High Temperature
  • Plastics/Composites

PCM complete the engineer’s requirements with a range of options for the monitoring of sensor outputs.

With appropriate measuring devices static or slow moving changes can be recorded right through to high-speed data logging straight to a PC for viewing in real time or subsequent manipulation in spreadsheet or graphical format.

PCM’s range of instrumentation for hire means that nearly any type of sensor required can be supported. Our activities have included long term monitoring of building movements combined with wind speed and direction through to vehicle force and acceleration data to explosive events such as parachute deployment and stun gun performance.

Mains supplied or battery powered and running from generator means wherever the job, logging can be successfully achieved.

Our experienced personnel can work with you through the requirements of your project to ensure the most cost effective solution, also from the resources of PCM, parameters which may be overlooked can be added to the inputs to ensure that the results are as meaningful as they should be.

Results are presented in the most convenient form be it written report or a CD with data stored in compact and readily accessible format.

If the project is long term or to be frequently repeated a cost effective solution is for PCM to supply a suitable instrument to add to the sensors selected.

Much of our work is commercially confidential and we take care to ensure that we protect our customer’s trust by guaranteeing project confidentiality.

By providing clear details of the project, environment, accuracy, expectations, Procter & Chester will provide the ideal solution and final product.