-40 to +350°C

  • Covers virtually all industries that operate within this temperature range.
  • Structural testing.
  • FEA correlation predictive analysis.
  • Frequency response applications.
  • Static and dynamic measurements.
Datasheet: -40 to +350°C

Approaching the 350ºC barrier limits the practical choice of components to make the project remain economic.

The adhesive and coatings will be polyimide based and interbridge wire/cable will be Kapton, fibre glass or mineral insulated.

The cost of components are more expensive and additional labour time is required for this type of installation to achieve a good quality and long lasting product.

An installation at this level must only be completed by experienced trained technicians that have used to overcoming problems (i.e. clamping, wire routes using normally stiff wire, cable retention, etc). Every part of the process is crucial to ensure reliable data for a long term test.

PCM have ovens in house that can test up to 500ºC and data logging equipment to validate installations. This is often required to help determine the difference between thermal stress and what will be principle stress during a test.

By providing clear details of the project, environment, accuracy, expectations, Procter & Chester will provide the ideal solution and final product.