800°C – Ceramic Adhesive

  • Cover virtually all industries that operate within this temperature range.
  • Structural testing.
  • FEA correlation predictive analysis.
  • Frequency response applications.
  • Static and dynamic measurements.

Ceramic cement installation should only be applied by the most experienced technicians in strain gauging.

The cement is hand painted onto the test specimen. The handling and application of the adhesive is critical as this is the barrier between the strain gauge and test piece.

Any deviation from a near perfect installation will show during a test. The results will prove poor, or unreliable and, or delamination will occur.

The strain gauge is a free element grid. This is an open wire grid mounted on an envelope backing. The handling of this component again is critical.

The way to attach the leads to the strain gauge legs is by using a micro spot welding machine.

All the work has to be carried out using a microscope and within a clean, environmentally controlled area. Procter & Chester use 500ºC ovens to carry out decontamination routines for cleaning and testing if customers require.

By providing clear details of the project, environment, accuracy, expectations, Procter & Chester will provide the ideal project solution and quality product.

Ceramic installation with additional custom made K Type thermo couples.