Strain Gauge Installation Equipment

  • P3500 + switch/balance instrumentation and portable strain gauge welding & soldering unit are suitable for on-site applications as they are built in robust boxes and are total portable.
  • Static measurements only.

P3500 Strain Indicator + Switch & Balance Unit.

The system is a portable, battery powered instrument with unique features for use in stress analysis testing.

Static measurements are read directly from the LCD read out with a 1µE resolution. The instrument will accept 1/4, 1/2 and full bridge strain gauge inputs.

The unit operates from an internal battery pack consisting of six ‘D’ cells. The battery life is approximately 250-300 hours of continuous use.

By linking the switch and balance unit to the P3500, the operator can monitor up to 10 single channels. The unit features gold plated push/clamp binding posts to allow fast, convenient and reliable connection of the input circuits and 10 individual 10 turn potentiometers with turns counting dials for fine adjustments on zero.

The total weight for both units is 5.2KG. Each box size: 228x152x152mm.

Portable Strain Gauge Welding & Soldering Unit.

The unit has a separate visual and audible indicators that monitor the weld status—weld energy is adjustable from 3 to 50 joules.

The unit is supplied with a lightweight soldering pencil. The temperature adjustments are on the front panel.

A ‘low-battery’ light to warn the operator when the internal battery requires charging. A battery charger is included to provide for full battery charge with no danger of overcharging. Power for charging 115VAC or 230VAC.

There is also a convenient storage space for cables and battery charger.

Weight: 9.5KG. Size: 230x230x250mm.